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Bridgeport, CT
Gaffney, SC

Number of employees:

Member of:
Quality Certification Alliance (QCA)
Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)

Founded on:
January 1, 1980 by Robert Lederer

Compliance officer:
Jill Rogoz (Director of Compliance and Q.A.)

Code of conduct: (Click Here)

Supplier compliance agreement: (Click Here)


Primeline has been an industry leader since 1980 offering more than 1,200 products in 14 different categories. Its brands include Leeman New York, Rubik’s, Mop Toppers, Goofy, Swanky, and Tangle Creations. All of Primeline’s products are CPSIA-compliant.

Why we chose Primeline

Primeline is focused on ensuring the highest quality and safety for its products. They have a full-time in-house testing lab with XRF technology, where all incoming shipments are tested for safety compliance and consistency. In addition, most Primeline products and their CPSIA compliant decorating inks are tested annually at CPSC approved third party laboratories, and all products labeled for children’s use are subject to third party testing. Their quality control team is involved in every phase of production from design to the finished product. They continue to focus their corporate efforts on environmental stewardship, including developing more eco-friendly products and reducing their carbon footprint. Primeline is firmly committed to social accountability and compliance with local labor laws at each factory they do business with.

Primeline has further set themselves apart by winning the following awards:

  • 2017 PPAI Gold Technology Award

  • Social Media, 2017 PPAI Gold Technology Award

  • Blogs/Podcasts/Digital News, 2016 PPAI Gold Technology Award

  • Video Content, 2015 Counselor Awards

  • Supplier Family Business of the Year