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Product Safety

An unsafe product in the marketplace can be a calamity for all involved. Not only can someone be injured, but your brand can be negatively impacted by bad press and/or government recall action. 

The ID College program makes things easier by pre-qualifying every product for safety and compliance before we show them to you. We do the due-diligence beforehand so you don’t have to worry about using a dangerous product to promote your brand.

Understanding the Regulations

These days there are a myriad of state and federal safety laws that must be followed that depend on the product type. These standards include both physical safety, like sharp edges, to chemical safety to keep toxins like lead out. There are also additional requirements for items like electronics and children’s items.

ID Me works with professional laboratories to ensure all necessary testing and inspections are performed on products before we add them to the program. With the help of these experts we stay on top of all legislation and ensure that your brand does decorate a product that may be in non-compliance. This includes legislation like:

• Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)
• California Proposition 65
• Illinois Lead Poisoning Prevention Act
• Food Safety and Children Safety regulations

The General Conformity Certificate (GCC)

The GCC is a key document that was mandated by the CPSIA in 2008. It is the primary way that product safety information is communicated across the supply chain, all the way from the factory to the end-consumer. ID Me ensures that every product part of the program has an up-to-date GCC and that all required testing was completed recently. We can also make these GCC’s available for any product upon request.

Please let us know if you’d like more information on how the ID Me College program qualifies each product offered for safety and compliance.

Are Your Promotional Products Safe?

As you regularly hear in the news, so many products are manufactured from foreign countries with contaminated harmful materials. What makes promotional products a concern for you is that these products have your company name on them. So when something goes wrong, it's your name that suffers damage from the media and nobody likes that! For more information about safe promotional products, visit our Promo Shield Promotional Products FAQ section.

Toxic, Dangerous or Contaminated Promotional Products?

Ask yourself what if...

- Your tradeshow promotions manufactured overseas arrived with high levels of contaminated materials?
- Your bags, packs or totes used to promote your company were imprinted with toxic ink?
- Your mugs, cups and drinkware with your logo contained too much lead?

For more information about toxic, dangerous or contaminated promotional products, visit our Promo Shield Promotional Products FAQ section.

Can You Justify Brand Damage?

It's incredibly alarming that very few companies within and outside of the promotional product industry have knowledge of the laws, regulations and standards for producing safe and compliant products. That is why it is important to call and ask us for Promo Shield verified products!

- Our processes help insure federal and state safety laws and regulations are followed.
- Product components are tested at independent CPSC approved third party labs.
- Overseas facilities are periodically audited.
- CPSIA, FDA, Prop 65 compliant products.

For more information about brand damage, visit our Promo Shield Promotional Products FAQ section.

The Promo Shield Promotional Products Difference

Safety is at the center of everything we do.
We are relentlessly pursuing and setting the highest possible standards to detect and deter harmful materials from entering your promotional products.

- Our industry has more than 3,000 suppliers - less than 1% meets our safety requirements.
- We work closely with our factories to help insure that products are in compliance with all federal and state safety laws.
- We only use factories that use world-class processes all the way up the supply chain including those set for social compliance and environmental awareness.
- We offer the most effective way to get top safety processes demanded by the largest Fortune 500® Companies.

For more information about the Promo Shield difference, visit our Promo Shield Promotional Products FAQ section.