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Prop. 65

Our Commitment to Product Safety

I.D. Me Promotions aspires to deliver quality products that represent your brand, are safe to use, and comply with Federal and State laws. This includes monitoring our supply chain and complying with Prop 65. Proposotion 65 in California requires businesses to notify consumers about significant amounts of chemicals in the products that they purchase for their homes and workplaces, or that are released into the environment. This allows consumers to make informed decisions about protecting their health. Under Prop 65, products that contain significant amounts of chemicals must have a warning sticker applied to them. Prop 65 is impacting everything from consumer products to signs posted at our favorite restaurants.

While some products cannot be reformulated to remove listed chemicals based on the composition of the item, I.D. Me Promotions will make an effort to offer items that are comparable and do not contain the listed chemicals.

Read our Prop 65 Letter to learn more. (Click Here)

The following are examples of the "short form" warnings: