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Promotional Items for Students and Faculty!

Promotional Products are a great way to boost your department presence on and off campus. Not only will students and faculty show department pride with branded items, but they will easily spread the word about the department. Students and faculty can’t get enough of fun products like pop sockets, charging cables, phone wallets, and webcam covers. Give students and faculty what they really enjoy and watch your department reach improve!

Pop Sockets are one of the most popular items for students and faculty. Pop Sockets add extra protection to phones and also work as kickstands for those on the go. Gift these to your students and faculty and watch your department reach boost across campus!

Promoting a department with items like charging cables or t-shirts are great ways to improve your department recognition. Students and teachers always need to charge their phones and they can do so with custom department charging cables. T-Shirts are a big impact strategy to spread awareness about your department on and off of campus so that your department gets the necessary exposure to grow! 

Phone wallets and other phone accessories are perfect ways to get students talking about the department on campus. Department branded phone wallets are handy and allow you to hold student ID’s and credit cards with ease. Other phone accessories like screen cleaners are great ways to excite students and spread the department name!

Lastly, help students feel secure while they work on their laptops with department branded webcam covers. Not only will you make students feel safe, but your department will stay on their minds while doing their work!

Promotional Products that students and faculty love and appreciate will help them get through their days of school and will help the department improve overall. Improving the marketing plan of your department will boost department presence and participation.