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Top 10 Items for the Semester

Looking for cool and exciting ideas for your department’s next promotional project? I.D. Me College has you covered this coming semester with our Top 10 List of the most popular promotional products that other department’s are currently ordering!

  1. Water Bottles and Tumblers

Custom Water Bottles and Custom Tumblers are a great promotional product for departments and offer the opportunity to start an environmentally friendly movement on campus.Keep students hydrated throughout the day while they always have the department in mind!

                                                11 Oz. Double Wall Ceramic Tumbler w/ Lid

  1. Tote Bags

Personalized Tote Bags are perfect for students and faculty. Getting your department logo on a helpful item like a tote bag will allow for better exposure for the department and improve recognition!



  1. Pens

Custom pens for your department are a classic and effective way to spread the word about your department on campus. A wider department recognition on campus can lead to improved participation overall!


  1. Lanyards

Custom Lanyards with your department logo can be a great essential item for students and faculty. An item that students love and is highly useful, lanyards will keep your department on their minds!


  1. T-Shirts

Personalized T-Shirts are one of the best ways to improve awareness of your department. Repping your department with t-shirts gives a sense of exclusivity and will get the department logo seen all over campus!


  1. Charging Cables

Charging Cables are a heavily desired item on college campuses. Putting your department logo on custom charging cables will help students charge their electrical devices while spreading the department name all across campus!


  1. Fleece Jackets

Prepare for the Fall and Winter Seasons with personalized Fleece Jackets that will look great with you department logo. Spreading recognition of your department with jackets is a quick and effective way to grow!


  1. Drawstring Backpacks

Drawstring Backpacks can help students carry their extra books and personal belongings all over campus. Increasing your department presence on campus will never be easier than with custom drawstring backpacks!


  1. Journals

Help students and faculty take down quick notes with custom department journals. Department journals will assist in getting your department logo seen by hundreds of individuals on and off campus!


  1. Hats

Personalized baseball caps are another great way for students and faculty to represent their department. Follow one of the biggest trends and get your department logo on caps to improve awareness of your department!                                                                           


There are hundreds of different ideas that can be used to improve your department’s recognition on and off campus. Our top custom promotional products are versatile and efficient on spreading the word about your department. If you want even more great ideas for your next promotional project, call us at (818) 774-9500 and we can help you find the right item that best represents your department!