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Supplier Spotlight: BIC Graphic

Based in Clearwater, Florida, BIC Graphic is one of the largest suppliers of promotional products in the industry. BIC Graphic offers some of the most comprehensive product assortments and decoration methods. In addition to its well known brands such as BIC, KOOZIE, Triumph, and JAFFA, BIC Graphic also partners with retail brands like myCharge, Cool Gear, and Leatherman. BIC Graphic also operates five manufacturing facilities across the United States.

We work with BIC Graphic because of their willingness to maintain corporate social responsibility and product safety. BIC Graphic is a member of the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA), Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), and the Fair Labor Association (FLA). Here at I.D. Me and being a member of the FLA as well, we understand the importance of social compliance and worker safety. Knowing that BIC Graphic is also a member of FLA reassures ourselves and our customers that they value treating their employees fairly and respectfully. Furthermore, BIC Graphic is a leader in product safety and environmental stewardship. This includes C-TPAT certification, adhering to FDA regulations, technology standards, and complying with California Proposition 65. BIC Graphic further cements their name as one of the top suppliers by winning various prestigious awards, including the 2017 Supplier of the Year and Geiger Award of Excellence. 

BIC Graphic operates under standards that protect their workers and provides safe products for consumers down their supply chain. While being one of the largest suppliers in the industry, they maintain values such as social compliance and  that align with ours, and for these reasons we enjoy working with them to provide our clients top-of-the-line promotional products.