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Partnerships and Memberships

At I.D. Me Promotions, we believe in social compliance and the production of safe products. We strive to be the leader in providing products that have been made by workers whose rights are respected and made with materials that minimize harm on the environment. Creating partnerships and becoming members of organizations allows us to better our industry and have better insight on how to be socially compliant.


Partnerships and memberships that we associate with are Learfield Licensing, IMG Licensing, the Fair Labor Association (FLA), and the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). Being members of the FLA and PPAI allows us to better understand the standards that are set in the industry and therefore allows us to meet and exceed those standards set in place. Having partnerships with Learfield Licensing and IMG Licensing also gives us better insight on how to serve colleges. Colleges have strict rules with trademarks of their logos and only purchase products from select verified suppliers. Falling in line with being conscious of the environment and worker's rights, we are able to spread that positive message to campuses. This is necessary as college campuses should only have products that are made ethically and morally correct.


We make sure that suppliers we work with are also part of organizations that advocate for worker safety and product safety. This membership down the supply chain minimizes the risk of workers being treated harshly and products from being made with harmful materials. When these organizations set standards to improve the industry, they encourage others such as ourselves to work towards those standards and become more conscious of worker's rights and product safety. Our goal is to enforce these standards up and down the supply chain so that there is always confidence that products are made in an ethical way where employees are treated fairly and products are made with materials that are not harmful. If we start the trend of working in this manner, others will follow suit to improve the overall industry.

I.D. Me is built on the idea of bettering the industry by protecting worker's rights and offering quality products that are not harmful. This is why we partner with multiple organizations that have policies to better the industry and improve the production line throughout the supply chain. We pride our selves on holding these values so that we can improve the industry and encourage others to do the same. We know that if we begin to set the tone for a better industry, others will follow suit.