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Best 2019 Promotional Items for Improving your Marketing Reach!

In today's advertising market, new forms of marketing are emerging to assist in the growth of businesses and departments. One of the most popular ways this is happening is through promotional products. Putting your brand or department name on products is one of the greatest ways to increase brand recognition and expand your reach. Promotional items range from t-shirts and drinkware to tech and fleece. What better way to promote your business or department than with essentials that everyone loves!


Our essential products consist of apparel, drinkware, and tech. Apparel like t-shirts and fleece are perfect for the approaching Fall season. As the weather can range from comfortable to chilly temperatures, your logo is guaranteed to be seen by countless individuals. Other products such as drinkware and tech are a great way to get your logo in the hands of many. Travel mugs, coffee mugs, and water bottles are perfect for students or employees and are sure to improve your brand's recognition. Powerbanks are another essential item for everyday use. Not only are powerbanks enjoyable and rewarding, but you also won't need to worry about your electronics losing battery throughout the long days. These useful products can offer wider recognition for your business or department and help improve growth.


Promotional products can be given to anyone like employees and customers or students and staff. The best advantage that promotional products offer is the potential exposure that your logo will have when implemented correctly.Business or department recognition can increase significantly simply by your logo being seen by countless individuals throughout the day. Gifting promotional products will not only increase brand recognition but could also increase the number of new potential customers for a business or participation in a department. It has been proven that customers enjoy receiving promotional products and that it leads to improved repeat business as well as more referrals from satisfied clients.

Whether it's t-shirts, fleece, drinkware, or tech, promotional products are a great and effective way to increase your brand recognition and reach new audiences. There are promotional products for every occasion which makes for a variety of items to be offered. You can also be confident that the promotional items that you order from I.D. Me College will be socially compliant as steps are taken to monitor the supply chain as far up as possible. Monitoring the supply chain minimizes the risk of workers being mistreated and products being made with harmful materials. I.D. Me College understands the effect that brand recognition can achieve and will be happy to assist you in providing promotional products for your business or department.