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Supplier Spotlight: Hit Promotional

At I.D. Me College, our most important values are product safety and social compliance, which is why we work with a limited number of suppliers in order to provide our clients with products that are not harmful and are made by workers whose rights are respected. Hit Promotional Products is one of our suppliers that operates under standards that are ethically correct. Located in Largo, Florida, Hit has been a leader in the promotional products industry for over 50 years. Offering a wide variety of over 1,900 promotional products and a continuously changing inventory, they strive to operate under standards that follow in line with ours.

Hit Promotional has their own executive level product safety and compliance team that works to ensure their products are of the highest quality and safety. This team works to prevent non compliant products being sent to the customer. They work with their legal counsel, Callet Law, to identify all relevant product standards in order to comply with multiple laws. Hit also works with ANSECO, an inspection company leading in quality and safety services to guarantee production of the best products. ANSECO does this by monitoring the supply chain as far back as possible. They are also frequently adding new products to their catalog making their variety much more extensive and diverse.

While maintaining ethical standards and producing high quality products, Hit has earned awards that prove why they are one of the top suppliers. In 2017, they were a Counselor Distributor Choice Award Finalist, were rated an "A" supplier by SAGE, and awarded multiple Promo Marketing Excellence Awards. In such an enormous industry, Hit is one of the few suppliers to stand out to I.D. Me College and we are happy to work alongside a socially compliant company that believes in values that align with ours!

To learn more about products from Hit Promotional Products and how they operate, call us ad (818) 774-9500 and visit our website at