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Get Ready for Fall Semester 2019!

College students love representing their school and department! What better way to promote your department than with promotional items that college students can;t get enough of! Not only are the products we offer of great quality, but they are made in a socially compliant way that protects workers rights and ensures product safety. Pop sockets, water bottles, silicone wallets, and charging cables are some of the most popular products that come in handy for all college students. With essential items college students can carry, your department is guaranteed to be seen by many students. The products we offer are guaranteed to excite students and reward departments with higher participation and recognition.

Some of the most popular products that students are enjoying are pop sockets and phone wallets. Since millennials always have their phones on them at all times, these items are essential to have. Pop sockets can be attached to phones easily and can be used as a kickstand or for better grip of your phone to avoid accidental drops. Phone wallets are similar to pop sockets as they can be attached on the back of phones and can hold credit cards, student ID's, money, or other small items of importance. Other products that are highly sought after by college students are thermal water bottles and charging cables. Water bottles are essential for students as it is important to stay hydrated throughout the long school days to focus on homework. Charging cables are also very useful because students constantly need to charge their lap tops or phones whether in their dorm or in the library. These items and a variety of others can all help to make a college student;s everyday life a little easier while also representing their school department!

College and University departments prefer to work with I.D. Me College because we offer quality products and we believe in operating under socially conscious standards. Part of our mission is to offer products that are made by workers whose rights are respected and made of materials that are not harmful. We take measures to ensure that the supply chain is being monitored as far upstream as possible. Doing this minimizes the risk of employees being mistreated and ensuring that products will be made with safe materials. To enforce this, our suppliers must sign our own Code of Conduct contract that has them agree to create safe work environments for their employees by complying with local employment laws, offering discrimination free environments, and ensuring workplaces that are free of harassment or abuse. These precautions are taken to help your school and department stay protected from non compliant products made in harmful environments.

The benefits of promotional products are endless as they can help increase department recognition and increase participation in school activities. Not only will college students enjoy the items they receive, but they will be exposing the items to hundreds of other students. Whether by everyday use of the items or sharing with other friends and students, your department will gain a wider reach within a campus. You can also have confidence that the products we offer are made in a socially compliant way that protects workers rights and the product itself. I.D. Me College strives to improve the promotional products industry and can help give your department the effective marketing boost it needs to grow!

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