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Welcome to the I.D. Me blog! Here you’ll find articles highlighting our core values, the achievements of our suppliers, and other information about promotional products. We hope this blog will provide our customers with more insight into I.D. Me and highlight our commitment to the safety and quality of our products.

  • Get Ready for Summer 2019 Events!

    Get ready for events during summer 2019 and get the hottest promotional items that will keep current and potential clients cool and refreshed. With fun items like personalized travel mugs, sunglasses, and drawstring backpacks, clients will be better prepared to take on the warmer weather during the summer. Our large variety of custom products will make it easier to find the right item that best fits your marketing campaign and improves your marketing strategy. ID Me has all of the products to get your campaign plan moving, improve your business presence, and give your marketing the boost it needs!

    Custom Travel Mugs and tumblers are an essential item to have during the summer to stay hydrated and cool. Spread your business presence with environmentally conscious drinkware and get others to participate in environmental conservation!


    Personalized Sunglasses with the department logo will come in handy during the summer and are sure to make a lasting impression by those who come across them. While being efficient and effective, sunglasses are a great way to boost business presence!


    Custom Drawstring Backpacks are perfect for current and potential clients during the summer. Clients can keep cool with products that are sourced from a socially compliant supply chain while spreading brand awareness at the same time!


    Personalized Hats are essential for the summer and are an effective way to get more potential clients to know about your business. Your company logo will look great on hats and your business presence will improve significantly!


  • Prepare for Fall Semester 2019!

    Fall Semester 2019 is approaching quickly so get your department ready for incoming and returning students with fun personalized department essentials! Not only will new essential department items boost campus presence but they will improve student participation within the department while showing pride. With a wide range of promotional products to choose from like custom drinkware, drawstring bags, supplies and other essentials, you are sure to find the best item that represents your department and promotes growth. You can also be assured that our products come from a socially compliant supply chain as ID Me makes it a priority to source from suppliers that follow our 3-P Initiative that protects People, Products, and the Planet. Get all of your custom or personalized college products with ID Me!

    ID Me offers essential items for students and faculty that will get them through the day such as custom pop sockets, charging cables, and webcam covers. Expanding your department reach on and off campus with branded essential products for students will be easier than ever!


    Drinkware is a great way to promote your department on campus. Join the movement in becoming environmentally conscious and get your department logo on custom travel mugs and tumblers. Keep students and faculty hydrated throughout the day while also improving department recognition!


    Promote your department with custom lightweight drawstring bags that are sourced from a socially compliant supply chain. Have confidence that products with your department logo are made in a safe way and boost your marketing campaign at the same time!


    Department branded supplies like custom pens, notebooks, and padfolios are essential for students and faculty. Spreading word about your department with supplies will effectively and efficiently improve your marketing efforts!


  • Top Promotional Tech Trends for Summer 2019!

    Find the top promotional tech trends for summer 2019 and get company branded power banks, flash drives, Bluetooth speakers, and charging cables. Branded tech items can make the perfect gift for meetings, events, or trade shows and will leave a lasting impression. They can also improve repeat business and encourage referrals to new possible clients. Give your marketing campaign the boost it needs with our top promotional tech products!

    Power Banks are perfect for those long days and staying charged up throughout the day. Company branded power banks will be handy for those in need of a charge and will effectively improve your brand reach!


    Flash Drives are a simple and very useful promotional item for current clients and staff. Show appreciation by gifting personalized flash drives will help your company grow and gain recognition!


    Bluetooth Speakers will liven up any room and will look great with your company logo. Treat current clients and improve repeat business with gifts that show appreciation and leave a lasting impression!


    Charging Cables are an essential item in today's market. Clients are always on the go and need to charge their electronics. What better way to keep your brand on their mind than with company branded charging cables!


  • 3-P Initiative (People, Products, Planet)

    We are a creative bunch at I.D. Me Promotions! We work hard to further our reputation: finding the perfect item for our clients and delivering the order on-time. We also strongly believe in our core values when it comes to how we interact with People, Products and the Planet. Today we want to focus on the “People” that make the products we sell that carry your brand. It’s our aspiration to know how people are treated up the supply chain when making our products. Most importantly it’s to improve the lives of workers - to help ensure that nobody is harmed in the production of a product with your name on it.   

    Our industry produces the fun stuff that clients distribute with their brand on it. These promotional products are used for a wide array of occasions including trade shows, recruiting, employee recognition, student spirit, athletic and event promotion. Unlike purchasing other commodity items, when your name goes on a product, your reputation and your company become joined to the product and the supply chain. Most of our client buyers initially think it’s someone else’s problem to worry about responsible sourcing, but in reality it’s the purchaser of promotional products that ultimately starts the domino effect of the supply chain. It’s that decision of which vendor to use that can be the difference towards aspiring to ethically source branded promotional items; items that have your name on it. Everyone, and we really do mean everyone we speak with does not want to get their products from a factory that abuses their workers. The problem is, do they know enough about their vendor practices? Should they know more about the product that carries their name? Does the promotional product with their name carry the same values as their company?

    Not long ago when products were manufactured in the U.S., we knew the production site. We also had a comfort level that U.S. laws and regulations and the U.S. infrastructure to enforce them were not infallible but relatively reliable. In today’s growing promotional products industry, products are now sourced from countries around the globe. Foreign places where societal values might be different than ours or, similar but simply not enforced. These international supply chains are very opaque. Although the International Labor Organization (ILO) published minimum norms of behavior (and generally codified and communicated by a company’s Code of Conduct for labor practices), the biggest problem in stopping products made by factories that don’t abide these expectations is that supply lines are not transparent and therefore not traceable. Supply chains have become very complex and lack communication between actors where information sharing is most commonly seen as a competitive disadvantage. Companies do not want to disclose their sources after years of developing relationships with their suppliers. This “business protection” is further repeated up the supply chain-links to their supplier's supplier, and so on.

    To muddy the waters even more, American companies may place their order directly with a factory, and those factories may subcontract to other factories without the knowledge of the American company. It’s essentially window dressing - using a factory that looks like a good actor whereby the order gets offloaded to a sister factory that is not so good. Even more confusion can be caused if buying agents are used instead of an American company working directly with a factory.  

    Import supply chains are not easy for companies to control. Some companies, including our industry’s largest, will state that they follow the laws of the country or region that they produce. But that’s simply not enough. Laws may be too weak or to few. Even where adequate laws are present, local governments may lack the infrastructure to enforce them opening a path towards abusive behavior. It can’t be said enough, when supply chains lack transparency, the door opens for abusive labor tactics. Add the impact of pricing pressure to the mix and social compliance will most likely suffer. It takes diligence and continual monitoring using practices like factory audits, corrective action plans, remediation and repeating these events for as long as the supply chain is being used.

    The objective of vetting our vendors for social compliance policies and procedures is very important. Knowing that workers are forced to operate in poor working conditions is just not acceptable. At I.D. Me Promotions we seek to work with supply chains that demonstrate ethical values that meet or exceed international norms of behavior. We look to work with suppliers that practice social compliance and treat their employees with respect. We require our suppliers to sign our own Code of Conduct so that they understand our expectations for labor standards. We work with factories where other like minded companies share our values and demand the similar expectations. We look for factories that are actively engaged with their supply chains, have dedicated compliance officers and are involved in compliance minded industry and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s).

    Once we have confidence that a supplier is serious about sharing our social compliant values, we post that information on our website to do our part in being as transparent as possible. We acknowledge that this is a beginning step, but if we all commit to taking action today, we can collectively change the lives of workers around the world. This transparency allows clients to have confidence in the products that they order. With this information, our clients can better enjoy their products because they have a better idea of where the products are coming from, how they were made, and what they are made of. All of these steps are taken to ensure our products are of high quality and made in a safe manner, while also offering effective forms of advertising for our clients and an ease in ordering.

    To learn more information about I.D. Me Promotions and why we work with socially compliant suppliers, visit

  • Reaching into New Markets!

    Reaching your business into new markets in 2019 can be achieved by marketing your brand with new and exciting products that have your logo on them. Putting your business logo on items can significantly change the direction of your promoting efforts and bring in new potential customers to learn about your business. Whether reaching into the tech market or the clothing market, I.D. Me offers the promotional items that will best represent your company and help your business grow!

    Power Banks are a top item among consumers and a great way to reach those that are passionate about tech. With everyone constantly on their phones, help out by keeping them charged up throughout the day. Your business logo will be seen by countless of potential customers, only adding to your reach!


    Apparel is another great option for expanding into a new market. Promotional Apparel is an efficient and effective way to improve your marketing plan and gives your brand gets the necessary exposure to grow. Ranging from t-shirts and jackets to uniforms and accessories, I.D. Me offers a wide variety of products that will give your business the best outlet to expand!


    Flashlights are an essential item for customers that keep them prepared and come in handy for everyday use. Reaching into the safety market can expand your business plan and help others stay prepared in case of an emergency. Brand recognition will grow and your brand will stay on the minds of many!



    Bags can help keep you organized throughout your day and can give your business the necessary exposure to grow. With a large variety of products to choose from ranging from small pouches and coolers to backpacks and luggage, getting your business logo on these items can significantly expand your business reach and bring in new potential customers to know about your company!


  • Boost Department Presence!

    Boosting Department participation on campus during Spring 2019 has never been easier than with promotional products. Whether at an organized campus event or a department information table, you are sure to get students active within the department and spread awareness with promotional products. With fun items that students love like Drawstring Backpacks, Pop Sockets, Jotter Notebooks, and Folders, these products can help student participation will improve and will spread department awareness throughout the campus!

    Drawstring Backpacks are the perfect item for students as they are durable, lightweight and can carry extra books and personal items. Adding your department name on a Drawstring Backpack is an effective way to boost your department presence!


    Department branded Pop Sockets can effectively grow your marketing plan and let countless others know about your department on and off of campus. Pop Sockets will also help protect phones from accidental drops and will make sure your department logo gets in their hands!


    Jotter Notebooks can be used by students as agendas or for classwork notes. They are a great promotional product that can efficiently and effectively spread the word about your department on campus!


    Folders are an essential item that can help keep students organized with their classwork while also getting your department name seen. Boost your Department presence on campus with department branded folders!


  • New Spring 2019 Products!

    One of the best ways to boost your marketing efforts in 2019 is with promotional products. They are an effective option for letting others know about your business and have been proven to increase repeat business while encouraging new referrals. New Spring 2019 Products that are currently popular with businesses are Blender Bottles, T-Shirts, Tote Bags and Power Banks. Check out our site to see the variety of products ID Me offers that will best fit your marketing strategy!

    Blender Bottles are currently one of the hottest products on the market and are a great way to spread your company name. Help others keep up with their healthy lifestyles with blender bottles that will also improve your brand reach at the same time!


    T Shirts are another perfect way to improve your marketing strategy. With new apparel brands like Bella+Canvas that offer high quality items for a low price, your marketing strategy is guaranteed to grow!


    Tote Bags are a very handy promotional product that will help others carry their items while on the go. With the high exposure of putting your brand name on a tote bag, your marketing reach will improve significantly!


    Power Banks are a great way to stay up to date with the latest tech trends and a versatile way to promote your business. Keeping your clients charged up throughout the day with company branded power banks will make sure your brand stays on their mind!


  • Essential Items for the Spring Semester 2019!

    Students are always on the go, whether it be to class, the library, or to extracurriculars. Help keep them ahead throughout their day with essential items that students love and that will spread the department name on campus at the same time. Promotional Products like, phone wallets, pop sockets, charging cables, and webcam covers are some of the top items of 2019 for students. With your department logo on these products, your department presence will improve throughout campus and encourage participation.

    Phone Wallets are a top item for students and faculty due to handiness and ease of use. Students can keep their student IDs and other cards on the back of their phones for quick access. Not only will they make student lives easier, but they will also increase department awareness on campus!


    Pop Sockets are another great item for students that will help protect their phones from accidental drops. While also doubling as a kickstand for phones, students will make the most out of a product like this. Add your department logo to a pop socket and watch your department reach throughout campus!


    Charging Cables are essential items for students as they always need their electronics to stay charged up throughout the day. Help students work more efficiently throughout the day, while also boosting department presence!


    Webcam Covers can help students feel more secure while doing their schoolwork on their laptops. Give students a sense of security while also spreading the department name on and off campus!


  • Most Popular Promotional Apparel for 2019!

    Promotional Apparel is one of the most effective and classic ways to promote your business. A reason why promotional apparel is so popular among marketing plans is because you essentially create walking billboards where countless people will see your company logo. With I.D. Me, our apparel options range from t-shirts and sweaters to accessories and polos which make it easy to find the right products that will boost your marketing plan most effectively for 2019!

    Shirts are the #1 most popular promotional item because they are highly effective, cost efficient, and easy to make. In today's market, wearing company branded clothing is a top trend among many. Take advantage and spread your company name with a simple, good looking Shirt that will improve your marketing strategy!


    Similar to shirts, Jackets are another great way to promote your business. Even with warmer weather arriving, light jackets are perfect for those chilly spring nights. Add your company logo on these quality sweaters and watch your marketing reach expand!


    Apparel Accessories like sunglasses, wristbands, and scarves are a versatile way to get potential clients and customers to see your brand. With the high exposure that comes with branding your company logo on popular and quality accessories, your business reach will only improve and benefit your business!


    Company branded polos for employees can give a professional and refreshed new look to your company all while boosting your marketing strategy. They also work great as gifts to customers which will improve customer/client relations, encourage repeat business and increase referrals!


  • Top Items for Students in Spring 2019!

    Promotional Products for students are a great and effective way to promote your department on campus. Perfect for incoming students, current students, and even faculty, essential items with a University department logo will have high exposure throughout a college campus and will improve department awareness. Get ready for all upcoming school events and department incentives and choose from a wide array of products we offer that will best suit your department needs!


    Pop Sockets are one of the most popular items for students. Not only do they help protect phones from accidental drops, but they will help expand the department reach among fellow students and faculty!


    Notebooks are essential for students and faculty to jot down quick information. Custom branded notebooks will boost studying habits among students and give your department the necessary exposure to grow!


    Drawstring Backpacks are another useful promotional product for students. Great for carrying books and other personal items, drawstring backpacks will assist students with their work and improve recognition and participation!


    Writing utensils such as pens, pencils and highlighters are essential for students and faculty. Department branded writing utensils are a classic and effective way to expand the department name on campus and will make sure your department stays on their mind!

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