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Welcome to the I.D. Me blog! Here you’ll find articles highlighting our core values, the achievements of our suppliers, and other information about promotional products. We hope this blog will provide our customers with more insight into I.D. Me and highlight our commitment to the safety and quality of our products.

  • Re-Energize Your Marketing Strategy!

    Improve your marketing strategy by adding promotional products to our incentive! The promotional products we offer vary from a wide variety, allowing to promote your department or business in the best way possible. Here are some of our most popular promotional items that are sure to re-energize your marketing efforts for the new year!

    Tote Bags are one of the most popular promotional items for businesses. Tote Bags can easily get your brand recognized by others and are one of the most useful items!


    Pens are a classic and timeless promotional item that gets the job done. Boost your brand awareness by offering employees or clients a highly useful product!


    Improve your brand recognition with essential apparel for everyone. Ranging from t-shirts and sweatshirts, your marketing strategy will be greatly improved!


    Tech is a popular category for promotional products. Put your business logo on tech like powerbanks, bluetooth speakers, and wireless charging pads to improve brand reach!


  • Start the New Year off Right!

    Start off the semester the right way by improving your department's reach and awareness! Promotional products are a great versatile way to get more people to talk about your department. Here are our most popular items for students and staff!

    Phone Wallets are a great way to get the department name out. Get people talking about your department by putting your department logo on phone wallets.


    Help protect student privacy while also improving your department reach. Webcam Covers are a rising trend for college students and will get your department logo seen!


    Charging cables are essential for promoting your department on campus. Students always need to charge their devices and they'll always keep the department in mind.


    PopSockets are another growing promotional products trend. Help students protect their phones while also boosting your department reach!


  • Prepare for Next Year!

    Prepare for next year's marketing plan with promotional products. Get your logo put on quality items that best represent your business. Promotional Products are a perfect and effective way to boost your brand recognition and improve sales!

    Improve your promoting efforts with drinkware that has your logo. Drinkware is an effective way to get your brand in their hands!


    Office Supplies with your logo are useful for the workplace and are great for complimentary gifts to customers. Always stay on your customer's mind with items like pens, notepads, and rulers!


    Bags like drawstrings and small pouches can be essential to your marketing incentive. The more people that see your logo on items, the better your sales will improve!


    One of the best ways to promote your business is with promotional apparel. From t-shirts, sweatshirts, and polos, find any apparel that best suits your business needs!


  • Ending the Year Right!

    It’s never too early to start planning for the next semester! These promotional products are what students enjoy most and are essential to any department marketing incentive.

    Phone Wallets are one of the most popular promotional products for college students and staff. Growing your department’s awareness with phone wallets will be effective and efficient.


    Popsockets are great for increasing your department reach. Not only will your department be seen by hundreds of students but you will help protect their phones!


    Webcam Covers are a growing trend in the promotional products industry. Help students feel secure about their technology while also spreading department awareness!


  • Essential Tech Items!

    Want to liven up your marketing strategy? Bluetooth speakers with your company logo are a great way to get increase brand recognition!



    3D custom flash drives can also be made into any shape that best represents your company. What better way to promote your brand than with a personalized flash drive!


    Are you charged up? Power up your marketing efforts with a power bank incentive that is essential for promoting!


    Charging cables with your company logo are a versatile way to extend your brand reach and attract customers!



  • Department Essentials!

    In need of a great marketing strategy? Promotional drawstring bags will get the job done and are perfect for all students!


    Reward students and faculty with a personalized school lanyard that is sure to boost your recognition and department participation!


    Students can’t get enough of post its and notepads for studying, so help them out with custom notepads with your department logo!


    Custom Pens with your department logo are perfect to grow your reach and reward students at the same time!


  • Most Popular Items!

    Does your company need new and effective ways to promote? Of course it does! Tote bags are a great and versatile way to expand your brand’s recognition!


    Want to give your marketing a boost? Custom Shirts with your logo should be at the heart of your promotion efforts!


    Always stay prepared with custom gel pens that are a perfect and effective way to get your brand in their hands!


    Perfect for music wherever you want, custom speakers are a fun and rewarding way to expand your company’s reach!


  • Most Popular College Items!

    Water you waiting for? Our custom drinkware is the perfect way to get your brand in their hands!


    Personalized phone wallets are great for rewarding students and faculty and are guaranteed to expand department awareness!


    Boost your department promoting efforts with personalized pouches that students and faculty love!


    Custom charging cables are the perfect way to improve your department reach!


  • Fall Essentials

    Water you waiting for? Our custom drinkware will get your brand into your customer’s hands!


    It’s almost sweater weather so make sure to take advantage of this winter season and create a personalized fleece!  


    Always stay energized with our promotional power banks! No one likes to run out of battery, especially while on the go, so charge up your promotion today!

    Does your company need new effective custom t-shirts to promote your brand? Of course you do! Order our custom printed shirts for your company or department that will let your brand expand.


  • Supplier Spotlight: Evans Manufacturing - Creative, Compliant and Avoiding Tariffs

    At I.D. Me Promotions we go beyond creativity. We aspire to deliver socially compliant and safe marketing products. Our social and product safety initiatives are values that we truly believe-in and help guide our decisions. We engage with industry groups and outside NGO’s to continually improve our policies and procedures around these values. This leads us to search the globe for suppliers that share our values and take further action to push for incorporation far up their supply chain. After taking a deep dive into the more than 3,000 suppliers in our industry network, we have found very few that operate at our level of expectation. After our extreme vendor vetting process, a limited number of suppliers give us confidence to provide our clients with products that are not harmful and made by workers whose rights are respected while allowing us to keep our creative edge with products that are priced right.  

    One of the few suppliers that currently meets our demands is Evans Manufacturing. For almost 40 years, Evans Manufacturing has produced high quality plastic and fabric products for the promotional products industry. Evans offers an array of top-of-the-line marketing products in many categories from tradeshow and healthcare to school spirit logo marketing items. Evans product line ranges from printed bags and promotional travel mugs to personalized pens and hundreds of other promotional products. Not only does Evans meet our high expectations for product safety and social compliance, as you can see they have an amazing array of products that can be creatively used at your next event.  

    Evans is one of the few industry companies that mold, manufacture, and decorate over 300 of these products in the United States.  They also have a manufacturing plant in Nogales, Mexico while only importing a few promotional items from China. Because the majority of manufacturing takes place in Northern America, we are anticipating cost savings during the period that recent tariffs were put in place on Chinese imports. Most promotional products are imported from China, but not that many are from Evans!  The distance of their Mexican facility also allows for better monitoring of social compliance and faster delivery times compared with Chinese imports. Their North American facilities allows Evans to maintain tight control over the manufacturing process. They design most products in-house with an emphasis on providing superior function coupled with attention to the latest trends.

    And if that’s not enough, Evans takes steps to minimize damage to the environment by creating an eco-friendly product line where at least 30% of the materials in that line are made from recyclable material.

    Evans is also a member of the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) and the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI). On top of being a member of these organizations, Evans has set themselves apart by winning multiple awards in the past few years with two in 2017 alone.

    I.D. Me Promotions is determined to provide products that are creative, safe, aspire to be socially compliant, and competitively priced which is why we are happy to work with Evans Manufacturing.

    Evans Manufacturing

    To see our large array of products made by suppliers like Evans, contact us at (818) 774-9500 and be sure to check out our website at

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